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So! As all the pics I got at the show were cruddy, here are the ones I managed to grab beforehand.

Ah, I love to grope a rockstar in the morning.... )

Also, I was a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad puppy yesterday.... )
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The lights went down, the noise went up!

Hooray, I thought!

Mr Itchy Crotch humped my arse a few more times for good measure, and the oh-so-familiar barrier squeeze began. Ah yes, the smell of sweat and the tight contact with almost total strangers! I love it. And so the show began, dear reader, and what a show it was! )
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Last night, I got off my ass and went to Shepherd's Bush to see the Hellish Rock show. Axxis, Gamma Ray, and Helloween.

And what was it like, you wonder...? )
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Oh, BTW:

(1) I'm ho-ome!

(2) Ignore the time stamp. Doofus here forgot to set it on the camera. Or turn it off. Spazz.

Pictures of the boys... )

man, what a weekend...


Nov. 5th, 2007 11:40 pm
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Oodles of pics! )

And in the next post, I'll bung up all the ones that DON'T have me in them.


Nov. 4th, 2007 08:31 am
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After a decidedly dodgy start, my weekend is currently MADE OF WIN.

Last night I managed to find the Ballroom (yay), then went for something to eat. Oh look, I said to myself, an Irish pub. They'll speak English.

I think I found the only Irish pub in Hamburg where the staff speak NO English.

However! We figured out drinks and food with the aid of a fair bit of hand waving and pointing and wiggled eyebrows, so is all good. Waiting for my meal, realised was being eyed up by very drunk man sitting on the table to my right - he also spoke no English, but his friend spoke a bit so I got chatted up through an interpreter.

Also bought a drink, no bad thing.

He asked for my phone number, but I explained that as I spoke no german and he no english it would be a waste of time, right? He pleaded. I said no. (His friend is meanwhile translating all this to the barstaff, who are in fits.)

Anyway, they left me alone and it's funny how much a single eyeroll between women who have no common language can mean. Heh.

Think I'd better cut this cos it's going on a bit more than I thought it would... )

So. catch yerlater!


Oct. 31st, 2007 07:52 am
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So anyway.

This was going to be a post about how even in the short time I've been back nursing I'm pissed off with it again. Not the nursing, per se, but that's exactly the point. If I wanted to be an administrator and cleaner, I'd do it during the day.

I got a 40 minute break last night. I leave for job #2 in a little over an hour. Hope I don't fall asleep at the wheel...

Oh, and Slay popped in to work last night on the way back from the Zico gig to tell me how it all went. (While I did insurance forms. I'm so diligent.) He not only got to roadie for them (with Chris' girlfriend's brother) both at load in and out, but also got to have a ride in the blue van. He's got three day's driving/roadie work for them next weekend... and I could go too, if I wasn't. Fucking. Working.

Oh yeah. I'm so chuffed.

And they (Zico, that is) might be supporting Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (waits for [ profile] rockfic to squee) at Oxford - on a wednesday night, which means I can go... I'll just have worked a night followed by a day before I go to the gig. Hmm.

But instead of having a long-ass whine about how badly my working life sucks and how revoltingly jealous of my husband I am, I'm going to show y'all some pictures that cheered me right the fuck up when [ profile] rdyfrde posted them on the RF boards late last night. Two this morning, hackshully. Good job I work alone, because when I saw them I screamed - and I mean hollered, top of the lungs stuff.

Here be new Gamma Ray publicity shots - and damn, but don't the boys look GOOD? )

Sooo. I'm going to poke around the 'net for a bit, then go to work. *Sigh* And hope that Zico, when played loud enough, will keep me sufficiently awake not to die in the screaming battlezone that is the A34 at rush hour!

Oh! And before I forget. I downloaded an Ayreon album last night - The Human Equation - and fuck me, it's awesome. :D I think [ profile] rdyfrde has managed to convert me... ;)


Feb. 26th, 2007 09:42 am
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Oh wow!

The postman came!

And he shoved through my door my copy of Gamma Ray's Blast From The Past that I have been trying to find for ages and finally bought off someone in Australia (!!!), and it's the bollocks and has the booklet with all the Riggs artwork and everything!

And also the new Helloween DVD!

*Squeaks and flails and shouts and stuff*

They say things happen in threes - so keep your fingers crossed that something equally awesome comes my way today!

(Yes, exclamation point abuse - bite me!)
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As I know a lot of people on the Flist aren't Rockfic members, I thought I'd stick a few pieces on my journal for them to peruse, should they want to. If you're not a member and you like it, then I would heartily recommend getting a membership because there's lots and lots of awesome stories on the archive - even if slash isn't your thing, it's worth getting a year's membership!

Title: Trichomania

Fandom: Gamma Ray

Pairing: Dirk/Dan

Rating: Slash, NC17 (whatever that means. There's grown up activities involving willies and lube, anyway.)

Disclaimer: Although this tale features characters that share an awful lot of characteristics with the individuals who go to make up the featured rock band, it isn't them. I'm fully aware of that fact; they're completely their own people, and this is a fantasy based on their stage personas, interviews and other material in the public domain. No malice or impeachment is intended to the band, their families, friends, management companies or anyone else involved with them in any way, shape or form. No money is being made from this tale, it's written purely for the enjoyment of the author...and her readers.

It's fiction. Enjoy it as such.

Summary: Dirk teases, Dan suffers.

Read more... )
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Took a mooch to Fred's Stash Of Fabulousness (her Gamma Ray archive), and what should I see on the first page but this picture: )
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Gacked from [ profile] strawberrytatoo: A nice long meme! )

In other news, I watched the Wacken Gamma Ray thing. OH MY GOD. There was I, gone one in the morning, face planted on the monitor screen trying to lick Dirk's nipples.

Holy crap but it's good - I mean, mega. It's so slashy! And Kai?

Oh lord, Kai is just adorable. As is Henjo. And Dan. And Eero. And y'all know how I feel about Dirk so I won't go there. *Laughs* Oh yes!

Right, I must not forget my shorts today. Ink Day! I will confess to a bare moment of angst last night - a real 'oh no what if I suck?!' moment. But it passed. And it's to be expected before embarking on something totally new, I suppose.

Excited now though! I'll let y'all know how it turns out, but no pics if it looks too pants. *Snort*


Jul. 26th, 2006 02:05 am
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One day, somebody is going to suggest an idea that I think sounds interesting I'm going to be all mature and grownup and sit back and say sure, that sounds good. Let me know how it turns out.

Instead of flinging myself at it and finding myself out of my bloody depth.

What am I on about? Read more... )

I am excited - it's just struck me that since I started hanging out on the internet I've met more creative people, got myself into more scrapes and had more sheer fun than I have for a very long time. And that's no bad thing.

Now I just need to address this habit of throwing myself at things I should probably be watching from the sidelines...!

*Panics quietly so no one will see*


Mar. 20th, 2006 07:29 pm
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[ profile] rdyfrde is so dead. The crime?

Feeding my Dirk addiction. I mean, with pictures like this? I am so screwed. I wish. )

I swear. Totally bloody bonkers. And apparently it took them three days to get all the paint off - which doesn't surprise me one bit!


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