Mar. 22nd, 2008 01:41 pm
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So I thought I'd do an update on my ophidian brood - Slay is coming home today (he's been in Brazil for a week), so he'll probably be all needy and wanting to be paid attention to when he gets here. So god alone knows when I'll get back online.

Plus, I fully expect a bollocking of Epic Proportions for (a) not doing any significant de-cluttering while he was gone and (b) bringing more snakes home.

So it goes like this: )

And now Slay is home and thus my train of thought has been totally derailed. *Sigh*

Also, I feel I should make a comment on the latest Rockfic...kefuffle.

I consider those on both sides of the fence to be good, true friends. And it makes me sad to see people I love not being happy with each other.

And that's all.
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The last three weeks have been... interesting, to say the least.

Who knew how hard it was to get a hot cup of tea in the US?

Ups and downs. One long fight with the husband over who I 'should' be spending time with.

Good friends met once more, new people out of the computer, much laughter and fun and discovering that we might be far flung but there are people out there that understand.

I think the food disagrees with me...

Shall i return? Well. The bit that remembers going through airports says no, but in reality.... you just watch me. ;)

Ah, memories. Perhaps I'll even have time to post about some of them.

Y'know, I'm reminded of a line from Dune right now -

'...parting with friends is a sadness, but a place is just a place.'

I'm gonna miss you guys.
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I have read three books today.

And found several different species of ant, beetle and termite, found a wasp's nest and got off with a couple of stings. I'm just going to go out into the warm, humid night and smoke a last cigarette whilst wrapping myself in the sounds of all that exuberant, noisy insect life.

It's gone two in the morning.

I am at peace.


Oh 'eck...

Mar. 1st, 2007 02:23 am
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OK, so I've started my Biffno thing.

(BFNoWriMo, or BandFic Novella Writing Month. For those who don't know.)

Hmm. 800 words a day for a month? Should be OK. Course, whether it'll ever get finished (let alone read) is another matter - but not one for tonight.

Nope, tonight I still have a couple of hundred words to go.

*Scribbles frantically*

Heads up!

Feb. 14th, 2007 06:56 pm
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When you register at you get 48 hours free access to the archive.

You can read the fics, leave feedback, review, gasp in horror, whatever floats your boat. Registering also gives you full access to the message boards, which you'll keep even if you choose not to pay the measly $2 registration fee to retain archive access.

So if you've ever wondered what musician fic is like, if you'd like it, or just fancy a horrified goggle at what such sick puppies like our good selves do with our free time, pop along and have a look!

I can absolutely guarantee that it's the finest archive on the 'net of such fiction - because we have very tough controls over what we allow on there. So although there's the occasional fic that is less than delightful story-wise, you won't find the plethora of bad grammar, poor spelling and rampant Mary-Sues that infest other archives.

Check it out.

I dare you.

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As I know a lot of people on the Flist aren't Rockfic members, I thought I'd stick a few pieces on my journal for them to peruse, should they want to. If you're not a member and you like it, then I would heartily recommend getting a membership because there's lots and lots of awesome stories on the archive - even if slash isn't your thing, it's worth getting a year's membership!

Title: Trichomania

Fandom: Gamma Ray

Pairing: Dirk/Dan

Rating: Slash, NC17 (whatever that means. There's grown up activities involving willies and lube, anyway.)

Disclaimer: Although this tale features characters that share an awful lot of characteristics with the individuals who go to make up the featured rock band, it isn't them. I'm fully aware of that fact; they're completely their own people, and this is a fantasy based on their stage personas, interviews and other material in the public domain. No malice or impeachment is intended to the band, their families, friends, management companies or anyone else involved with them in any way, shape or form. No money is being made from this tale, it's written purely for the enjoyment of the author...and her readers.

It's fiction. Enjoy it as such.

Summary: Dirk teases, Dan suffers.

Read more... )


Mar. 27th, 2006 12:14 am
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Holy crap, another one!

This is beyond wicked. Yes, I know, nobody else on Rockfic is squeeing like me and it probably seems like I'm rubbing everybody's nose in it. That isn't the intention, I swear. I'm just so delighted that it's happening. If the books never sell more than a couple of copies it doesn't matter - they're out there. And yes, I know, in many ways it's still self-publishing and I'll have to be careful mentioning them if/when I get a proper contract but fuck it, I know the stringent quality standards Rockfic imposes. And that H - an author I respect, massively - has chosen to put not one but two of my offerings out there is...


Because Rockfic is stuffed to the gunwales with awesome band fiction. Incidentally, I hugely recommend the other book up there with mine, [ profile] nikki_tikki's Special Friend. When I put my next order in I'm definitely having one. It kicks arse!

[ profile] rockfic? Thank you. Just...thanks.


Nov. 10th, 2005 03:25 pm
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Well - here we are, Rockfic HQ!

Flights and whatnot were about as you'd expect - long, dull, and crowded - but we did get an upgrade to economy plus which at least meant Slay's knees weren't around his ears.

Off to the mall a bit later - just chilling out right now!

Righto, need tea. [ profile] rockfic is learning fast...

Oh dear...

Aug. 14th, 2005 07:42 am
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Come down to check my e-mail while hublet is still in the land of nod only to discover that I've pissed off all manner of good people. Then go and open Rockfic message board and there we have it again. Only open mouth to change feet, right now... perhaps I'd be better off just hiding under a rock for a month or so?


And Axl pissed on his bed. Why does he do this?

Mmm. I have to cook breakfast and then get cracking on moving more stuff. My, what a nice day. (Kill me now.)
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Rockfic is back up. I just want to stare lovingly at the forum pages. For about three days. Just...relishing their presence. (So I'm an addict, shove it up your nose. I like the place, I like the people. Nuts.)

The nieces...

Great kids.

I admit, before she produced the eldest I wouldn't have trusted my sister to raise a pot plant, but she and her husband are doing a cracking job.


I am... not a child person. By 5pm I wanted to go home.

Thank god for driving too fast with Bruce screaming in my ears, cigarette clenched firmly between my teeth, howling along to the lyrics. I feel much better now...

*Staggers off and collapses*


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