Feb. 26th, 2007 07:14 am
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Woke up grumpy.

This may have something to do with the following two facts:

One, Slay makes such a godawful racket getting up and leaves every light in the house on so that no matter how deeply I am asleep he wakes me up. I bloody hate that.

Two, I was having a very weird dream about driving around the countryside half naked with Gamma Ray's drummer and I couldn't figure out why I'd lost my shirt and bra.

Dirk, yes - but Dan?

In other news, RPF got a bazillion oscars. I wonder what the queen thinks?

Also, Sam hasn't eaten his mouse that I gave him last night. Git.
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And it's chaos as usual here at Slaymaker Towers.... )


Sep. 26th, 2005 05:49 am
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0549, and why am I up?

Because His Nibs has a meeting today in London and wanted his hair all brushed out and freshly braided. So who got turfed out of bed at ten to five to do it?

Mmph. Anyway. And now, the memes. )

Anyway, enough memeage! I'm just hanging out waiting for [livejournal.com profile] arrys_girlie to finish a chapter, then she can go to bed and I can do a beta before I leave--

Because yes! I departeth for town - London, that is - by lunchtime, to meet the Leppard girls. We're off to see Phil Collen's solo project, Man-Raze, on tuesday night, and we're doing a little hanging out first. And possibly a little shopping. *Grin*

So, I shall see you all when I get back on Wednesday...

Be good!
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And it's drizzling. And I ran out of tobacco, an event guaranteed to make me swear. So I had a cup of tea, eyed the greyness of the morning and headed out, dog in tow, to fetch more of my favoured poison. Poor Axl, he sat in the car and watched the steady stream of pensioners getting their morning paper with deep suspicion. He's such a wuss.

On the way back we stopped off at the park, and I spotted that we weren't going to be alone. However - O happy coincidence! - that it was one of my favourite clients and her two delightful dogs Cassie and Alfie.

Cassie is an elderly German Shepherd and Alfie is... well, I think his mum was a Bedlington/Whippet lurcher but dad was, by all accounts, a Rottweiler. He's a sweet dog. And thank god their owner is a sensible sort so all three were able to bomb around the park quite happily; Cassie had to try and pounce on Axl as he turned the corner, because she isn't quite as quick as she used to be!

Axl was in heaven; he could race about the field at top speed, do his famous flypasts and Alfie did no more than growl if the idiot zipping around came too close to his ball. And I had a nice stroll chatting to the owners; one of the great things about what I do for a living is that it introduces me to a lot of great people. And it's nice to be able to chat to them when their animals aren't poorly!

So we've had a good walk.

Slay's just turned up - I swear, that man can smell a kettle boiling at fifty paces - he's just woken up again. He got me up at five this morning (by accident, he swears) when he got up to watch the moto GP and left all the lights ablaze...


He's crashing and banging about noisily, preparing to take the drum boxes over to his brother's. They're moving, and the boxes are for James's (our nephew) drumkit. We're going to see if he wants to come to the drum show with us next weekend - Nicko is compering, and I'm going to try and stalk meet him and thank him for the Hammersmith gig. Because what I saw of it was awesome...

Plus I'd just like to meet Nicko again. He's all kinds of cool.

So. I have tobacco. I have tea. I will shortly have some peace. I have Live After Death playing. Let's see if the Muses will come out to play...


Aug. 30th, 2005 07:35 am
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My husband is an inconsiderate mofo in the morning.

Today I need to be at work at 9. Thusly, I didn't want to get up til 7, shower, sort myself out, stroll down the road in time to run about like the proverbial blue arsed fly for ten hours then come home and keel over. The dog is off in kennels, so this was, in theory, possible.

5am. The radio starts to blare. Radio4, 'Farming Today'.

"Do we have to have the radio on?"

"I'm dozing through it."

"I'm not! Turn it the fuck off!"

Slay grumbles and mutters, turns radio off. Thirty minutes of he fidgeting and me slowly falling asleep again follow.

5:45am or thereabouts.

Thud crash bang. "You want me to get you up?"



I'm at work at 9, motherfucker. Piss off for a bit. "7 will do."


I fall asleep again with a grateful sigh. Ah, no fidgeting, no radio, perfick.


Bang crash clatter swear curse bang thud crash.

He's filling the dishwasher.

*CLANG* bang crash tinkle *BANG*

The fuck is he doing down there?

CURSES bang crash.

Right, that's it.

Slosh SWEAR crash.

I'm downstairs for 6:30, unamused. How can somebody make so much fucking noise? I ask him this.

"I dropped a pan."

Oh, right, fine then.

I made mugs of tea and settled down to a hard morning's ignoring him. I didn't sleep well last night, partly because of worrying about [livejournal.com profile] arrys_girlie but also because he was in Super Snore mode. When he does this I can hear the bedsprings resonating in painful sympathy - through two pillows. Research has shown that a really enthusiastic snorer can achieve sound levels akin to a road drill.

I can well believe it.

I'm going to take my wedding album in today. The nurses working today haven't seen the pics and they are damned impressive, even if I do say so myself; the marriage might be a pile of poo but the day was wonderful.

Oh well. Time for a shower then hit the road. Wish me luck, kidlets.

(And send good vibes to me mate, would you? Ta.)


Aug. 26th, 2005 08:23 am
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Busy morning. And I've got the ten-hour-shift-from-Hell to come yet, deep joy.

Still, I've got e-mail which says that both my corsets (*ahem*) should ship today. So if I'm really lucky I should have them both tomorrow, which would seriously rock.

Oh heck, we're supposed to go camping sunday and monday - off to a muster. Trouble is, I don't actually want to go now...it's a lot of fucking hassle and after the last few days I don't need it. It's cold out there and I'm not such a huge camping fan that I enjoy freezing my tits off in a tent, thanks.

Maybe I can talk Slay out of it...?


Aug. 13th, 2005 08:07 am
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Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] isilrandir: Ask any of my characters from any of my stories a question, and they will answer.

Too early. And because the man from the insurance is coming on tuesday we have to clear this room over the weekend... *stares in dismay at piled up...stuff*

Oh god. Let me die. Now, for preference.
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0631. Fuck. What am I doing awake so goddamn early...? Except for the fact I'm always up early these days. Well. Looking after the nieces today (*tremble*), and have to be there by 0830. Before that I have to:

Feed and groom husband.

Feed and walk dog.

Feed, water, and medicate ferrets. Well, only have to medicate one, but he gets extra cuddles.

Oh yes, and I have to shower, eat, get ready and all that. No bloody wonder I forget to eat sometimes, is it?

0706. The media is watching the latest shuttle mission with ghoulish glee, no doubt hoping to see it do the big firework on its way down. Bastards.

Slay has gone to work. Thank fuck. He, you see, is a morning person. As soon as he is awake he's alert, commenting on the news and full of piss and vinegar.

I couldn't give a fuck until lunchtime, to be quite honest. How I manage to avoid bashing his head in is a constant miracle to me.

Checked out the latest Metal Hammer. Pics of the gig, great pics of the boys, I didn't make it in there. Bastards. Still, I'm in Todays Pilot... twice....

Right. Shower.

Catch y'all later, 'K?


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