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Spent all day preparing a totally amazing dinner (considering that I don't cook), and it was fab! Roast goose, roast veggies, stuffing, bread sauce. Tasted bloody amazing, too.


Just Slay and I, see. Nice dinner, slobbed out on the sofa after dinner, playing on my new Nintendo DS while he reads his new books. Domestic bliss!

He woke up feeling a bit crap, but we thought no worries - chill out for a bit and you'll feel better. Ah ha, no! *Facepalm* Sooooo, he had a taste and then had to go upstairs, throw up a lot, and go to bed. *Sigh*

But it tasted bloody awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed mine - and I have a whole sticky toffee pudding allllllllllllll to myself! Not that I'll eat all of it, but the idea makes me smile.

So never mind; Doctor Who was bloody amazing, and I have a glass of very nice wine and a cigarette in hand, because if I have to spend christmas day on my own I'm going to bloody well enjoy it.

So here's hoping the man feels better soon, and that I don't end up the same way - and a happy wotsit to y'all!


Dec. 8th, 2007 12:00 pm
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Slay popped out last night to visit some friends of ours, and they told him a story that he's just told me. And it made me stop and think, and thus I'm going to share it here.

Rachel and her partner both work at a local hospital, and part of G__'s job is to work with the chaplain. Now, this chaplain and her partner adopted a child a couple of years ago. This kid is now about eight.

At one of the hospital's christmas parties, G__ asked the lad what he wanted for christmas.

He thought about the question for a bit.

"A football," he said.

"Is that all?" asked G__.

He thought some more.

"A bat and ball," he added thoughtfully.

G__ laughed and told him that her list was considerably longer. The lad looked at her.

"Why?" he said.


She said she felt very small and very greedy in the face of one little boy's humble expectations.

Out of the mouths of babes....

I don't like children, most of you know that. But they should be cherished and wanted and cared for. They should not - as this boy had been - starved so that they wolf down meals because they're afraid the food will be taken away, or beaten so that they flinch when there is a loud noise or sudden movement.

He's loved and safe now. But he knows what's valuable in this life.

Sometimes I think the rest of us forget that.
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Stolen from the MySpace journal of Semivivus: (All typos are his, but I thought it was an interesting article)

The significance of the Yuletide Festival within the Religion of Asatru/Odinism
Godi Edred Wodanson (E. Max Hyatt)

Read more... )

So - happy new year, my dear pagan friends!
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It's been a funny old day. Read more... )

By the way, who saw SkyOne's production of the Hogfather? Good, wasn't it?


Dec. 19th, 2005 08:09 am
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Breathing through my nose hurts like hell. It hasn't hurt this much since I quit doing speed. *ow* *ow* *ow* Either the air is very dry, or I've got a sinus infection or something jolly like that. Just what I need, the cavities in my head sealed off when I'm going to be flying on wednesday. How terribly jolly that will be, yeah?

Oh, and my eyes have dried out. *ow*#2 Weird.

Heating still not fixed. Engineer due out today - and he'll probably be pissy, because Slay screamed at the poor woman who rang yesterday saying he'd been held up and wouldn't be with us till today. I don't blame them; I know their priorities are homes with young children (down, [ profile] stonefinder) and the elderly. The latter I can sympathise with, at least.

So instead of being able to do whichever job is closest to home - or at least organise his own schedule - Slay went out of his way to insist that we were the first call of the day. Which means - if the engineer does it - that he'll probably be pissy, and who's here to take the flack?


Not Slay.

In other news, there's another chapter of Journeyman over at Rockfic. After such a long dry spell the Muses appear to be falling all over each other to complete this one - which is a very pleasant change.

Ah, christmas. I hate it so.


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