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With the able and very much appreciated assistance of [ profile] silicondreams (who ripped the feed) and [ profile] arrys_girlie (who gave me the links to the files) I've just seen Maiden's Donington set.

Don't get me wrong, Slay was absolutely right. All that money just to see three bands? (Zico, Turisas and Maiden.)

Not a good deal.


I'll be over there hitting myself in the head with something heavy. With spikes.

And once I'm done, how's about next year? (With the rider of at least one decent headliner.) Anyone up for a Donington outing? I have a big tent. Or I can borrow a small tent. Or B&B, I don't care - I'll drive.

I am not missing it again.

So. There's a big stick with nails in it over there, and I'm off to apply it cranially for a while. Kthx.

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Turisas were, apparently, wonderful at Download. So were Zico (as mentioned last post), and as for Maiden, well - no inpatients, so time to watch the feed. Crap 'net connection + no sound on works machine = couldn't see feed.

*Shoots self in head*

Next year? I'm going to bend over and let them rape my ass as well as my wallet, because this year I MISSED TOO DAMN MUCH NOT GOING TO DOWNLOAD.
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A Twist In The Myth has grabbed my attention in a way that A Matter of Life And Death has not.

Sorry boys.

(You're still my faves, though.)



Sep. 6th, 2006 06:00 pm
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Tired or not, I just had to do this... Stolen from most of my flist - Mad Andy does Sludge! )

It had to be done.

Anyway, I've been listening to the new Iron Maiden album all the while I've been writing this and it's good. Damn good. Fucking good. One big comment though.


I can now die happy.

(Although I'd rather die happy in the bed of a certain german bassist...or two....)


Mar. 28th, 2006 01:20 pm
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[ profile] rathenar has sorted tickets - so bugger seeing Maiden in Birmingham or boring old London, I'm off to Barcelona!!!!

*Hugs self at thought of another Adventure*

And of course I'm off to see [ profile] silicondreams next month, not to mention seeing Gamma Ray, Helloween and Def Leppard at the Gods of Metal festival in Milan in June with her. Yep, another Adventure laden summer stretches before me, no matter what happens with my accursed marriage.

And the little man has been and laid the latex screed on the kitchen floor, so me, Axl and the cats are all currently stoned on the fumes. Bonus.


Sep. 8th, 2005 11:21 pm
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For all the comments on the last post. People like yourselves keep me going; not everyone is a shit and an arsehole, no matter how much it feels that way sometimes.

Anyway, before I go off to my bed (and I figure it's bedtime when you close your eyes and your body goes mmmm... just leave 'em like that, eh?) I thought I'd share something else that happened at work today.

I'd just made a round of tea (any decent practice thrives on many mugs of tea and/or coffee and evening surgery had yet to hit its normal manic stride) and the practice manager said:

"Oh, what was this about Maiden and the Osbournes I read about?"

Well, I carefully placed the tray down in the dispensary and I told her. And then - some minutes in, and elaborating on just exactly what I thought about the parody of a Metal God being sold to the media by his scheming Ho-bag missus - I realised that she was leaning on the counter with a little half smile and my other colleagues were peering round the door with expressions ranging from hysteria to astonishment. Me now, I was in full Rant Mode; finger raised, eyes flashing, teeth bared and nostrils flared like a warhorse that's heard the call.

I stopped, a wee bit startled I'd got so carried away. The practice manager smiled at me, rather fondly.

"I knew you'd know," she said.

Me? Passionate?



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You know... sometimes good days come completely out of the blue. Just, in fact, like this... )

One last thing before I go:

Image hosted by

OK. Two:

Image hosted by

*Happy sigh*


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