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[ profile] rdyfrde has updated the stash again.... And oh, this almost killed me: )

And in other news: )

And finally: )


Jul. 15th, 2006 08:06 pm
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Well now. Trying to update my Lj account, descriptions and crap and as well as adding some stuff to my interests list I added my old secondary school. I was astounded to discover that it was here on LJ...also had a mooch to a couple of journals associated with it and left a comment on the one that didn't seem to belong to a fourteen year old. (*Waves to [ profile] tech_pirate)This and that and ramblings... )

Anyway. That said, anyone not on [ profile] sidewinder's flist get thee to her page and donate for theAlzheimer's walk she's doing. Go on, donate. It's important!

Oh my.

Jun. 21st, 2006 11:28 pm
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Right, whoever is playing silly buggers with me had better stop because this is silly.

I feel pretty rough, right? Right. I've worked a long hard shift. I have a virus. But I have pets and such to look after, so after a quick chat with [ profile] rockfic I do the rounds (feed and water cats, dog, ferrets, feed fish) I crash out for a bit. I've let Axl out for his business after his dinner.

This is, oh, eightish?

Now, I decide to leave the door to Axl's crate open. Not fair to pen him up after I've worked all day.

I wake up at eleven. I go downstairs. Axl has not only been on the sofa, he has shit on it. And pissed on it.

I'm too tired to do anything but clear up. I've grabbed something to eat, I'm going to take my meds and crash. I need to shower but I'm too tired. I can't find my mobile. I'm tired and I don't feel well and if I start crying I get the horrible feeling I won't be able to stop.


Damn it.

Dog! Argh!

Jun. 1st, 2006 09:32 pm
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Two weeks ago Axl ripped his foot open. God knows what on, I haven't found anything sharp in the grass so...whatever. The wound was stitched and was healing OK, and of course he decided to belt round the garden for sheer joy at having the bucket off his head, and tore the end of it open again. But it doesn't end there, oh no. )

Anyone want a lurcher, slightly banged up?
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Shattered. Just...shattered.

Spent all day moving (almost) the last of the crap into the container - and boy, do we have a lot of crap. The dog has been a bloody nuisance, and has reacted to all the upheaval by crapping on his bed. Twice.

Oh, and we now have only one sofa. The other one wouldn't go out the back door, so we chopped it up and took it to the tip.

Tomorrow's plan?

Move freezer, remaining sofa, dog's kennel and my computer... so fuck knows how long I'll be offline for. Oh well.
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Well, two trips to the dump, several tons of stuff shifted and we're...

...maybe halfway there?

We've got too much stuff. And how have I got so many clothes?! I only ever wear jeans and t shirts, for fuck's sake!

Ah well. One more day of this, and on Monday I intend to pass out in a gibbering heap. Slay can go work, I care not. Still, when we went round to Mother-in-law's to drop off another load of stuff she'd cooked a big roast dinner - and there was enough for two more. Hurrah! She overcooks her veggies but care I? Not. Saved me cooking. (Me. Cook. *Snort*)

Okay, I want a glass of wine - oh, and if the dog and the husband could stop winding each other up I'd be very grateful. Axl knows that he gets dinner and gets played with when I say so - so he goes and bugs the crap out of Slay, who gives in and whinges and moans until feed/play with/pay attention to the dog just to shut him up. Smart pup. If they're both undamaged by this time tomorrow I'll be very surprised.

So. How is everybody else's weekend?


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