Feb. 23rd, 2007 02:38 pm
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Sam just ate his mouse!

of course, now he's gone back to trying to force the lid off the viv, but it's a big step in the right direction. I'll leave him a few days and see if I can get him to eat another one - once he's eating well I'll get him onto the larger prey items (ie the rats that are in the freezer) and see if that settles him down any.

In other news, Gardens Of The Sinner is finished, hurrah! It rocks in at 127,863 words according to the Rockfic board's word counter, and is the final instalment in the 'Tattoos And Alibis' trilogy, which began with Razorblade Sigh and continued in No World Order.

Both the first two books are currently available through Rockfic Press, as will the third one sometime in the summer.

I'd really really appreciate it if someone went and read the newest, though, because I'm feeling rather masochistic every time I go and look and the number of hits and reads it's had...

But I'd rather you bought the books!

Now, what shall I work on next... suggestions, anyone? ;)
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] mjules:

Name five books that could be great movies.


1: Jennie, by Paul Gallico

Story about a boy who gets turned into a cat, and Jennie is the girl cat he meets. Man, the things you could do with this one these days with CGI and stuff - and what I always loved about it was the fact that it was so totally unsentimental. Provided you kept that in, it would work wonderfully.

2: Weaveworld, by Clive Barker

There may well be more than one Barker book in this list, because not only do I love the guy's writing but it's so damn visual. A carpet that holds a world, wonderful and terrible things all spelled to be hidden away from man's rapacious nature. Oh, and a creature that thinks it's an angel - and may well be, but all it can do is destroy. A jacket that shows you whatever you most desire, owned by a twisted salesman; the Gyre, which lives at the heart of the Weave and is where the magic lives... huge and rich and beautiful and terrible and--

Yeah. It'll have to be a miniseries.

3: The Chair, by Ian Banks

One of the very few books that, when I 'got' the point at the end, made me throw the book down and stare at it with wide eyes - feeling sick. Takes something to do that. And it would make a great dark movie that you have to watch half a dozen times to pick up all the nuances - he tells it in his 'circular' style, so you jump around in time and things that don't seem to be connected actually are. And there's the enduring image of a chair made of human bones, and who made it and who it's made of and if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sit in a very bright place for a moment.

It really would need a bloody good director, but if you got it right? Holy crap, you'd have a classic.

4: The Mirror Of Her Dreams and Mordant's Need, by Steven Donaldson

Yes I know, it's two books. Call it a long miniseries then. Again, one of the few books that the end was so wonderful it had me in tears; you'd need massive CGI and big sets, but it would be so worth it. The action is set in the country of Mordant, which has been at war for pretty much ever; there's castles and high halls, and the magic revolves around mirrors and there's a woman from our world who gets marooned there and oh, wow. The characters are engaging and believable, and it would be one of those miniseries where it looks beautiful (think LoTR - yup, the vistas are like that, and so are the battles), but the story gets in your head and forces you to watch it until your eyeballs dry out.

And it would take a heck of an actress to make Teresa Morgan (the heroine) from the silly girl you want to smack at the beginning into a believable character, but I think the right person could do it. And there are just so many fantastic, complex characters that a decent actor could really get their teeth into...

...in other words, keep it away from bloody Hollywood.

5: Journeyman, by Mad Andy

What, I'm not allowed to put one of my own books in this? Nuts. I'm going to anyway. I happen to think that this would make a bloody awesome film, mostly because of Pan (*listens to all female Pan fans go thud*) but the scenes with the unicorns and the various nasties from Faery would make great visuals. The succubus scene, anyone?

*Evil laugh*

I mean, there are so many ways of filming it that would work... yeah. Be nice, wouldn't it?
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Today I received four books in the post:

Rock Hard

Flying Low

Internal Affairs

Rain Dogs

All of them are excellent. In fact, reading Rock Hard in the studio - it being as dead as the proverbial doornail at the moment - I realised just how excellent; I hadn't read a lot of the stories, and the ones I had read it was a delight to rediscover.

At home this evening I've read Flying Low, which contains the story Of Wolf And Sheep, which I love to bits, still makes me laugh, and was one of the stories that made me realise that not all slash was crap.


I've just finished reading Rain Dogs.

Go. Buy it.

If you've never read bandfiction before and wonder what all the fuss is about, if you think all slash is crap, even if you don't like any of the bands in it go and buy it RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

The writing makes me smile, it makes me ache inside, it's beautiful and vicious and you don't just feel like you're there watching the characters, you're in them, part of them, breathing and feeling and fucking with them. It's an object lesson in emotion, and pace, and storytelling.

You can have a tale with no title and it can still grab you by the guts and not let you go.

It makes me want to go outside and dance in the rain to music I can hear inside my head. (And it's Novemember, I'm in the UK and it's farking COLD out there.)

The one huge shame?

That she'll never be recognised by the wider writing community, the mainstream publishers and the big critics. Because everyone should read this book and feel bloody humble.

Why are you still here?

Go. Buy it.



Jul. 4th, 2006 06:49 pm
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Still too fucking hot.

Still on laptop. *Evil grin*

Proofing No World Order for publication. Hopefully some of you good people will consider buying it, plus its prequel Razorblade Sigh and, when I've written it, the sequel - which will be called Gardens Of The Sinner. Got the intro to it done, and have apparently not made too horrible a balls of it.

Anyway. Not much happening here at the Towers, except sweating. I need aircon. Like whoa.


Mar. 27th, 2006 12:14 am
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Holy crap, another one!


This is beyond wicked. Yes, I know, nobody else on Rockfic is squeeing like me and it probably seems like I'm rubbing everybody's nose in it. That isn't the intention, I swear. I'm just so delighted that it's happening. If the books never sell more than a couple of copies it doesn't matter - they're out there. And yes, I know, in many ways it's still self-publishing and I'll have to be careful mentioning them if/when I get a proper contract but fuck it, I know the stringent quality standards Rockfic imposes. And that H - an author I respect, massively - has chosen to put not one but two of my offerings out there is...


Because Rockfic is stuffed to the gunwales with awesome band fiction. Incidentally, I hugely recommend the other book up there with mine, [livejournal.com profile] nikki_tikki's Special Friend. When I put my next order in I'm definitely having one. It kicks arse!

[livejournal.com profile] rockfic? Thank you. Just...thanks.


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