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Well, I just called the vets to get Thoth's test results... and they're kind of mixed. Read more... )

Anyway, that's the ferret news. Not much else going on - tired all the time, sleeping a lot, car will cost in the region of £700 to fix. Argh.


Jan. 25th, 2006 08:21 pm
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Pumpkins under here! )And in other news... )

Results tomorrow. *Trembles*
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Ok, I now have three pumpkins under neath my left arm, as in, on the back of it. They look fucking fantastic - even though only one is coloured in. The other two are shaded but I quit after an hour and a half because my god, did it hurt.

Pics to follow...

I'm back there on Monday to have the Ed on the left side of my chest finished and, if I can bear it, to have the remaining two pumpkins coloured. But we'll see about that. Right now the back of my arm is on fire.

Whoo, work tomorrow is going to be fun. Not.

However, on the plus side, I spoke to Chris - the boss and owner of the studio - and he was very positive about me going to work for them full time as a trainee tattooist and piercer. How cool is that? *Grin* The best of it is that I'll be able to keep nursing as well - even if it's just doing locum work from time or time, or keeping up my two days a week. There'll be a way, anyhow.

Get my results tomorrow - nervous, but confident.

The insurance people have been on to me - they suspect the car's a write off (it is sixteen, poor little sod), so that means no courtesy car. Ah well. If they're moving this quick it shouldn't take long to get a payout, poor as it'll no doubt be. And I've just had SOCO on the phone - he'll be here in about half an hour. Not holding out much hope, but you never know... he sounded alright, anyway.

I loathe coppers, but the specialists are often OK - the mounted and dog guys are OK, and our local firearms chap is a sweetie. Let's hope the same is true of SOCO, eh?

And now I'm off to nurse my hurts. Goddamn but this one stings!
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Bad shit.

Last night I went out to the car - as per my last post - to pick up some milk and other stuff. When I reached my car I thought, odd, the window's down. Opened car, tried to wind window up. No dice. Had a look round car.

Somebody had broken into it.

There'd been about six home-copied CDs in the glove box - gone. The fascia for the (decidedly temperamental) stereo/CD player - gone. Half a pack of fags and three or four almost-dead lighters under the dash - gone.

And that was it. OK I thought, scrape the goddamn frost off the car. I need food and stuff and fuck the CDs.

Well, that was when I discovered that the door lock had been ripped out the passenger door, the winding mechanism for the window was totally banjoed and - presumably in an attempt to hotwire the car - the cover had been ripped off the ignition leaving all the wires hanging. That's that, undriveable. No connection between key and engine.

I sat there and swore for a few minutes.

Well, I managed to wedge the window up, went round and locked the car. Looked like one had dived in, forcing the window to unlock the door, then unlocked the passenger door from the inside (while idiot co-scuzz was discovering that the door lock didn't, actually, work from the outside, which is why I guess it got ripped out in frustration) and also unlocked rear drivers side door. They had a good rifle through the contents, found nothing of value but nicked it anyway, and then tried to hotwire the car. My guess is that had they succeeded my motor would now be a blackened shell on the side of the road somewhere - in all probability this road, because getting her to stay running in the cold is not always easy.

Anyway, I reckon they were disturbed, hence motor still sitting there.

So in I trailed, rang the police, rang the insurance company. So now I'm waiting for SOCO (Scene Of Crime Officer) to get in touch with me, and an insurance assessor.

First, I loathe dealing with the police. They are, in my opinion, little more than a bunch of uniformed thugs. And when it comes to 'petty' crime like this, they're just not interested. So that'll be fun.

As for the insurance guy, well, my car is sixteen years old. To fix it will need extensive repairs to the plastic under the dash, and lots of electrical work. Oh, and two new doors. I doubt very much if it'll be worth it - so that's another write-off then. The thing is, scruffy and dog-eared as that motor is it's cost us nothing to run for the last three years, sailed through its MOTs and had another good few years in it. And it pisses me off that some little shit trashed it because there was nothing in there worth stealing.

Die, fucker.

Oh, and whilst having my morning smoke I overheard a neighbour (not a particularly nice guy, but eh - everybody has to live somewhere) talking to another neighbour. Now, I saw a big van marked 'Fire Victim Support Unit' parked outside our place the other night, with uniformed chaps trotting to and from this neighbour's house. I assumed it had something to do with his car being torched back in October.

Apparently not - seems like someone shoved some accelerant and a match through his letterbox....

Must replace my smoke alarms. *Sigh*

Yup, the neighbours are a fightin' and a feudin' again, and god help those of us caught in the middle. Where am I living? Oxfordshire?

Or Baghdad?
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GodDAMN but it's been a long day.

8am to 6pm. I haven't fucking stopped.

Oh, except to rush some samples to the post office. Belting along, trying to wind my window up a bit - I'd wound it down instead of scraping the bastard, time was that tight - and BANG!

My window winder broke.


So now I can wind it down but have to kind of grab it and wiggle it up to close it. First time i did this I got my jacket caught and thought I was going to become an integral part of the fucking car...

I've strained my back, pinged my sciatic nerve, been crapped on, pissed over, sprayed with blood and had to find, extrude and hold a dog's penis (without gloves, ARGH) while the man visiting to fix the x ray developer laughed his ass off at me.

In other words, I've been nursing hard all day. And it feels good.

Slay has decided to go and see Magnum on his own, which gives me the evening to myself. I'm pissed about missing the band, but meh... they ain't Maiden. *Sigh*

ETA: In case you're wondering it was a very large, very hairy dog. Just in case you think my anatomical knowledge is that sketchy.


Aug. 3rd, 2005 07:27 am
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I have to walk to work this morning, as SOMEBODY decided that my car had to go to the garage for its MOT a week early. There are days that I absolutely loathe my husband, and this is one of them. Still trying to decide if I'm taking the dog to work - his vaccs are due, and it seems silly not to take the opportunity to walk him.


He's just had his breakfast.


If he gets bloat while we're at work, at least he's in the right place...

ETA: Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I just got my period. It's official, my body hates me. This week blows goats.


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