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Well, I just called the vets to get Thoth's test results... and they're kind of mixed. Read more... )

Anyway, that's the ferret news. Not much else going on - tired all the time, sleeping a lot, car will cost in the region of £700 to fix. Argh.
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My Inner Klingon is going nutso...

I must have these boots! )

In other news, Thoth has come through his op well. As has Djinny, but he's likely to forgive me a lot quicker. My dear colleagues not only let me stick around, but I got into scrubs and mucked in to assist. It was very cool.

However, with all the lab fees and two bags of cat food, it came to a shade under - and I mean, a small shade - four hundred quid.


Slay is not pleased with me at the mo.
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Just got back from the vets, and Djinny is booked in for her spay. Hurrah! (Because nothing says 'neuter the cat' like a couple of entire toms just mooching around the garden, keeping an eye on the place...just in case...) So, yes. At The Vet. )

Oh, and Axl is apparently as happy as larry up at the kennels. He's not at all interested in people (!) but loves being with other dogs. It's a relief to know he's doing well!


Aug. 16th, 2005 09:08 pm
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Memeage )

More on the ferrets! )
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Well, I've just got back from work - Thoth came through his surgery with flying colours. *Collapses in a little squishy heap*

I had to breathe for him for most of the op; because of the position of the lump the vet was putting pressure on the vagus nerve, which inhibited his breathing. But his oxygen levels were good, his CO2 stayed under control and we've controlled the pain nicely. He'll probably get at least a seroma (accumulation of fluid) under the site - the removal left a massive dead space. Still, it'll sort itself out in time. (You'd normally put a drain in, but ferrets are very good at pulling them out!) It was huge, a multi-chambered thing with pockets of pus about the size of a golfball. It looked as though it had indeed started from the remnants of last years abscess in the lymph node - hence the structure of it. And I'm glad to say that once we saw that we were completely vindicated - antibiotics alone would never have shifted it.

Mind you, when he was waking up I took the opportunity to clean his ears and give him a really good once-over. I noticed one anal gland seemed a bit full, so on with the gloves and grab the bottle of lube...

Poor little bastard, it was not only full but a wee bit impacted and quite a lot infected. So instead of a small (but still pretty damn rank) amount of fluid, the damn thing went SQUIRT! over my shoulder, sprayed the wall, the door, the oplight... with green, vile smelling muck.

And when I say vile, I mean really, really, really nasty.

I think I've got some in my hair, because I keep getting whiffs of it...

My name at work is now mud (*evil chuckle*), but I don't give a shit 'cos my boy is OK. We'll have to keep an eye on the wound - and those anal glands - and there's a couple of weeks worth of antibiotics in his future and he looks silly with his haircut but--

He's OK.



Aug. 16th, 2005 06:40 am
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Gacked from [ profile] dogologist. Under cut to save your friends list! )

I'm going to get myself sorted and take the Thoth to work in a minute - then I have to come back here, wait for the bloke to come and assess the floor (again) then shoot back into work to assist with his op, if it hasn't been done already. I'd rather be there but I do trust my colleagues to do the procedure without me. Won't stop me worrying, though...


Aug. 12th, 2005 04:04 pm
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Thank fuck that week is over. Now I just have to handle a weekend trying to move enough stuff out of the downstairs of the house that we can lift the carpet up. Pardon me while I piss myself laughing, would you?

Anyway. Cut to spare you my meanderings! )

Have a nice weekend!


Aug. 5th, 2005 06:38 am
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Morning all.

Thanks to Kelpie for the icon now used as my default. Brooooooooooooooooooooooooooce...

Axl has decided that the morning isn't complete without a bit of vomit. Fab. I'm not on duty yet, you little bastard.

Thoth took his meds like a trooper, polite and gentle as always despite being woken up to take them. Carbine, the little polecat jill that lives with him (the indomitable Foggy making up the trio) got up too; she adores her uncle Thoth. God knows how she'll cope if anything happens to him. Anyway, I got her out for a fuss after he'd had his meds; the difference was amazing. Big, long, gentle Thoth - to scatty little Carbine! It's like handling an unexploded bomb after giving him a cuddle. She's a lot more lively.

Right, I have...twenty minutes to get to work. Time yet for a smoke. And then...

The ten hour shift of DOOOOOOOOOOM!

I'm not kidding either. There's only four of us nurses in all day - and three vets. And fridays are busy at the best of times. *Shudder*

See you later, people.


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