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Final night.

Thank fuck for that.

I shall miss the stories this place generates, and I shall miss the technical aspects of it... but there's a lot of crap I won't miss. Eight week old puppies dying at four in the morning is definitely one of them.

When I arrived this evening I saw written on the board that we had a St Bernard in. OMG, I thought. Knowing my bloody luck it'll be collapsed and I'll have to turn it every couple of hours.

Goodbye spine, I thought.

"We have a St Bernard in...?" I said to the day nurse. She grinned at me.

"Guess how big it is," she said.

Oh God.

"Seventy kilos...?"

If it's any more than that I'm going to be dead by morning, I thought.

"Go and look."

I went into the kennels, looked in - and then down.

He's eleven weeks old, and had managed to inhale a bit of bramble bush when galumphing through it this morning with his friend (who is a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a Newfoundland. Man, that owner must be REALLY into drool). Stupid dog, but it does mean I've had a tremendously cute pup to cuddle this evening!

So, end of yet another era. *Sigh*

I can really do without all this reorganisation of life... stability, please?


Dec. 20th, 2007 10:43 pm
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So I handed in my notice. Last night.

Well, I left it pinned to the practice manager's door.

No phone call today. I thought there might have been.

I get here tonight. The reaction?

Well, the boss said:

"You can't have another leaving do!"

Annnnd... that's it. No 'thanks for giving it a go', no 'you're a bastard for dumping us in the lurch', nothing. Not 'be sorry to see you go' or 'we knew you couldn't hack it'.

Not a damn thing.

Well, pardon me if that hurts. I've broken my bloody heart over this place time and time again, and this... just about sums it up. And now I have floors to do - but if they think I'm doing the insurance forms they can go whistle.

After all, what are they gonna do - fire me?
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I just lost a patient.

She was nine weeks old.

Jack Russell terrier. This guy buys a puppy from pikeys, right? Couple of weeks later, said pikey knocks on his door. He has another puppy, last one of a litter, does he want it?

I assume he got it cheap.

Pup does badly. Guy brings it to practice.

This is Saturday.

We have pup on fluids. We spend time with her. We clean the vomit and the liquid shit that pour from her on a constant basis. We make her comfortable. We keep her warm. We put in a feeding tube, because she's fading away. She perks up a little.

Bill goes over seven hundred quid.

Guy pisses and moans about it.

Well, what the hell did he expect? A magic bloody wand?

No. Instead, he got three days of intensive nursing and veterinary care. And tonight she died in my hands, fluid pouring from her mouth, unaware of the world around her as she slipped away. I took out the drip, cleaned her up. I wrapped her in a blanket.

She's nothing but a bag of bones. In the last three days she's lost half her bodyweight, despite everything we did.

I'll put her in the freezer in the morning. I hate to do it while they're still warm.

Brutal words? Too much information?

Try doing it.

For the love of all that's holy, if you must breed your pets make sure they've had all their shots. This was totally avoidable.


Get them neutered. No excuses. You feed them, you take care of them, you're responsible for preventing their suffering and that means all of it, not just the bits you want to do. Spend the bloody money. Find it. Or don't have them.

Yes, I'm upset. I am also angry. Because as soon as we saw the pup, we knew what was going to happen. But we tried anyway, because that's what we do.

She was nine weeks old, and she died in my hands and there was not a damn thing I could do about it.

Rest in peace, Jess.
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Well, here we are again.

Eleven at night, I'm at work, listening to a cat complaining about the accomodation and... feels like I've never been away. So easy to fall back into routine; most things are the same, I've soothed one nervous client over the phone already and done the floors and, well, so far so good.

And yet I am different, in so many ways. It's so strange, but I can't really describe it. Still, looks like most of the nursing itself is like riding a bike - guess you never really forget it!

For Hank!

Apr. 23rd, 2007 08:47 pm
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I have two jobs.


Read more... )
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Just got back from the vets, and Djinny is booked in for her spay. Hurrah! (Because nothing says 'neuter the cat' like a couple of entire toms just mooching around the garden, keeping an eye on the place...just in case...) So, yes. At The Vet. )

Oh, and Axl is apparently as happy as larry up at the kennels. He's not at all interested in people (!) but loves being with other dogs. It's a relief to know he's doing well!


Sep. 26th, 2006 05:10 pm
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OK, I missed the drum show but Slay went - and Nicko, when he got to the front of the signing queue, reared back and boomed (with a grin):

"I know that man!"

Slay is rather memorable, it has to be said. However, Nicko also asked after me, so that's OK. Nice to know that one of my idols knows who I am!

I had two new piercings today. Eyebrows! Not very painful at all, in fact on the pain scale I would say even less than earlobes. Although the skin over my right eye is tougher than the skin over my left (no idea why), and apparently has a teeny weeny vein running right through the area that the ring goes through.

*Mops blood from right eye again*

I move too quick, it drips a bit. No biggie.

Have ordered the spikes to put in it - will be changing the ring for a brace of curved bars in a couple of weeks. Curved bars with a five mm spike on each end, whoo hoo!

Have been looking at pretties in the catalogues. Oh dear.


[ profile] rdyfrde threw bunnies at me until I started a short Dirk/Kai PWP. That's about half way through. Hopefully I'll finish it soon-ish.

[ profile] arrys_girlie continues to entertain me with the pirate fic.

The studio is quiet. I want to work, dammit! (And on something other than cleaning the place and drawing sketches for ideas that will never come to fruition, kthx.)

Oh, and the surgery rang me to ask if I would work a shift for them next wednesday... locum rates. I said we-ell... there's all this ink, see? And piercings. And they said, we're desperate.

Hence the eyebrow rings today. *Evil laugh*

So yeah. Locum rates, nice little earner for a day. And I won't get reception because of the ink. Go me!

And now I feel the need to snooze....

New ink!

Sep. 15th, 2006 09:34 pm
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Fangface under cut! )

So it was my last day with the boss. )

Ten days.

Aug. 30th, 2006 08:29 pm
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And counting.


There's a lot of idiots out there, isn't there? )

Ten days. And counting.


Aug. 29th, 2006 05:42 pm
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Goddamn but I'm tired. Not surprising really.

Sunday I did the thirteen hour night shift from HELL. And here's why.... )

Monday I slept.

Today? Well, I woke up with my rook piercing giving me severe gyp, swollen and red - must have banged it suring the night, and it's complaining bitterly about it. Still, I can live with it, because I have been at the studio and have done my first tattoo on someone else!

Poor Slay.... )

But this seven days a week crap is a nightmare. It's the vet stuff that makes me so tired; the studio is a breeze, because I'm loving it. And let's face it, it isn't the hard physical, mental and emotional slog that the vets is...

*Groan* Ten hour shift tomorrow. Not looking forward to it!

Drive by

Aug. 22nd, 2006 11:00 pm
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OK, just time for a few things before I fall on my face and die for a few hours:

~Piercings ache, but are settling down nicely. Sleeping on my right side is a dead loss, though.

~Tattoo on thigh is infected and unpleasant and very painful indeed. This is extremely embarrassing.

~I have decided to hand my notice in on thursday.

~This working seven days a week thing is for the birds, but I'm determined to stick it out. I want to prove to Chris, the vets and myself that I'm dedicated enough to do the tattoo thing.

~Axl's behavious is becoming so horrible I'm beginning to seriously think about putting him down.

~I'm tired.


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