Nov. 23rd, 2005 06:37 am
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Received an e-mail first thing - my new corset has shipped!


And I got an e-mail from the supplier yesterday - she said she recognised my name immediately, and has me pegged as the most patient client ever, and therefore will endeavour to make sure there's no cock ups on the supply of this one. *Snort* Hope not, or Slay's going to do his nut. But! It should be here in a couple of days! And this one is a full corset, steel busk up the front etc etc... and yes, I'll post pics. *Grin*

ETA - What, nobody wants to know what happened after the end of any of my fics? Blimey, I didn't think my endings were that good...


Nov. 21st, 2005 08:51 am
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OK, my husband has just redeemed himself somewhat. I'm buying another corset... gotta love e-bay, right?

Bopping around the house to Helloween, happily anticipating getting more ink in... ooo... less than a couple of hours? That'll be the last for a while; got to look at finances and allow this lot plenty of time to heal. The Ed on my left shoulder is about settled now, just finishing off flaking. Jon was worried that it might have bruised my neck, but to be honest that bit settled first; the only bit that still gyps is the curve under Ed's sternum - which is right on the point of the shoulder. Not too bad to have done but being a bit slow to sort itself out.

Course, I'm at work on wednesday - but this gives it a couple of days to settle in, and I think I'm on front desk. Hateful duty, but good for tatts...

OK, I'm off now. Catch you later!


Oct. 25th, 2005 10:54 am
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My underbust corset IS FINALLY HERE!!!!

Apparently the first one was never sent from the supplier. Then my query got lost in a computer crash. I did get a very grovelling apology by e-mail on saturday, but thought - yeah, right. We'll see what happens.

Yay! Just got it, tried it on and unlike the other one I bought this one is just perfect. Just as described, a nice tough piece of kit. I'm delighted. It does the most *awesome* things to my cleavage. Davey thought it was good in June? He ain't seen nothing yet.

Now all I need is an excuse to wear it in anger... *snicker*


Aug. 26th, 2005 08:23 am
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Busy morning. And I've got the ten-hour-shift-from-Hell to come yet, deep joy.

Still, I've got e-mail which says that both my corsets (*ahem*) should ship today. So if I'm really lucky I should have them both tomorrow, which would seriously rock.

Oh heck, we're supposed to go camping sunday and monday - off to a muster. Trouble is, I don't actually want to go now...it's a lot of fucking hassle and after the last few days I don't need it. It's cold out there and I'm not such a huge camping fan that I enjoy freezing my tits off in a tent, thanks.

Maybe I can talk Slay out of it...?


Aug. 17th, 2005 09:29 am
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Got my corset I bought from e-bay, the damn thing's too small. I think they sent me the wrong size - and it's going to cost me four quid plus postage to get the right one. *Grrrr* It's beautiful, though; when (if) I get the right one it's going to look stunning.

Still, the other stuff arrived too, and that's going to be fun to try out. *Grin*


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