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Under here ;) )

So there y'are. ;)
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Yeah, more about the beasties. Christ I'm a bore these days. )

Dammit, and the snake has totally derailed my train of thought - so I'm going to call it a night.

Night all!
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Slay has this really really bad habit of waking me up before he goes to work.

It's my day off. Do not be waking me up at HALF PAST SIX in the blasted morning. It makes me cross.

More news on the beastie front - yeah, I know, I can bore for Britain on the subject, so you can skip this bit if you like. )

In other news, I haven't heard back from Zico Chain. Oh well, even if we don't end up getting passes for the Nottingham show it was still incredibly good of Chris to ask! Can't wait to see them again. Damn I love that band.

Hey ho.

Jul. 15th, 2007 10:31 pm
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I have a sick beastie.

It isn't mine.

Just when you think you've seen it all, someone comes in with a shiny new type of asshat! )

On a happier note, I was showing the nieces a big healthy male Yemen chameleon who's boarding at the shop while his owner is on his hols. Lovely animal, hates being in his viv and wants to sit on your head for hours - so after he'd been shown off (and sat on my head eyeing the premises like an interested shareholder) he had to go back in his viv.

Cue a battle. I almost had him in there when he shot forward, and grasped the first thing he laid his odd little paw on as tight as he could. Believe me, those things have one heck of a grip on them, and very sharp claws.

Which were wrapped tight around the end of my nose.

You know the bit between your nostrils? Just where the end of your nose curves over?


I did holler. Oh boy did I.

It's still sore now.

Still, I managed to get him back into his house by the simple method of standing still (with my eyes watering, I might add) until he got his weight onto my face, then walked up my hair to sit on my head. Then I grabbed him round the middle and dumped him (gently but firmly) back in his house.

And then, of course, had to face the delighted grins of the customers who's witnessed said pantomime... oy vey!

So I've had a reshuffle in the bedroom - the pygmies are going to go into an unused 3' fishtank with a mesh lid, give them more space. Also, hopefully, I'll be able to see them a bit more clearly and maybe even get them breeding.

The baldies have two day old pups, the baby lemmings are still with us and just as cute as cute can be. Rosie has eaten her first meal with us, and all seems well on the beastie front! (Except for the poor old chameleon, but we'll see about him.)

To top it all off [ profile] arrys_girlie has updated Forever And One last night! Huzzah!


Hooked? Me?

Is Monday.

Mar. 5th, 2007 07:49 am
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First, the beasties: )

Turisas tomorrow! )

Thus. Things to do today: )

That ought to keep me busy!


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